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HeliSmart Pty Ltd is an approved Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) maintenance organization established in 2017 with a primary focus being Robinson Helicopter Mustering Machines (R22, R44 and R66). We are also CASA approved to carry out light turbine maintenance.

HELICOPTER  2200Hr/12yr Inspection

Have you got an R22 or R44 that requires a 2200hr/12yr inspection? Can’t decide whether to buy new or get your current helicopter rebuilt? 
HeliSmart can provide complete helicopter 2200hr/12year services. Being a CASA certified organization, HeliSmart Pty Ltd is a one stop shop provider of MRO solutions for helicopter operators and owners. We also understand the importance of controlling your project on budget and on time. We strive for customer satisfaction through our service with comprehensive thorough inspections and maintenance.

Have you purchased or are you looking overseas for your next helicopter?  We specialise in import Certificate of Airworthiness (COA) and will take care of all the logistics involved in shipping back to Australia.

Looking at buying, selling or wanting to upgrade your current Robinson Helicopter….  HeliSmart is always looking for time expired R22’s or R44’s to buy, rebuild and sell.