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“Robinson Specialist offering Robinson R22, R44 & R66 rebuilds & overhauls”

Have you been looking for a convenient and cost-effective alternative for scheduled helicopter maintenance, overhauls, and unexpected breakdowns? We are pleased to introduce the newly approved and established Helicopter maintenance business – HeliSmart Pty Ltd – to Queensland. 

HeliSmart Pty Ltd, owned and operated by Dalby-based experienced helicopter engineer Andrew Leach and pilot Ben Smart, specialises in all things helicopter. Our main focus is scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and rebuilds, overhauls and repairs. We are also equipped to provide remote base servicing and field repairs at a reasonable cost and can get to a break down quickly with access to a fixed wing aeroplane if required. HeliSmart is CASA approved to carry out light turbine maintenance. 

Here at HeliSmart, our specialty and expertise lay with mustering machines, in particular, Robinson R22 and R44. Andrew Leach (Director and Chief Engineer of HeliSmart) has had 12 years experience with Robinson Helicopters and has completed factory training at Robinson’s main base in Torrance, California.

HeliSmart is conveniently located just outside of Dalby in Queensland on a private airstrip near Cecil Plains. Our custom build hanger provides easy flyin-fly-out access without the hassle and expense of air and ground traffic.

The team at HeliSmart understand that time and safety are a main concern for helicopter owners. We aim to provide the quickest service turn around time possible, taking into account all safety aspects.